Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yaar B-Schoold life is so much fun! But kinda weird as well, like we have no clue what we are gonna do on a given day with stockpiles of To-Dos!

If we write-on and stick one Post-It for every activity we gotta do (assuming we have infinite capital source), 3M would surely be a Googol times richer than what it already is.

Anyway, gotta go. Post-lunch, I gotta take a quiz, attend 3 lecture, contact UPS / stabiliser dealers for my committee, talk to the admin person for laptop insurance deals for the IT committee again, prepare the interview questions for today's radio show (MusIG - the Music Interest Group at SP), edit and share the pictures of the cultural event last night, read the play for GASP (Guild of Actors at SP), go for Dance Inc.'s dance session, go for GASP's meeting, go for the Carnatic Music event organised at the amphi near the pond and then play Radio MusIG... (see?!)

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