Monday, September 22, 2008

The good bay

Every single day, as I go through the struggle that Bombay is, I fall in love with the city even more.

People who have migrated into the city complaint about the traffic jam, the rush in the local trains, the potholes, the whatever and I know that these are the exact things that make Bombay unique.

I cannot put it in words - or I just don't want to attempt - but there is something unique about the way people live here. Someone who's become a part of this city knows what I mean anyway.

These days I am really pissed by people trying to define what Bombay... Mumbai is.

Sometimes, newspapers quoting our leaders
make me - who is an Indian PLUS who's born and brought up in Bombay
PLUS has both his parents born and brought up in Bombay - feel like an outside. I wonder how it would feel to be someone who came into this city just a few years back.

But then the city is also about things like these.
You have to struggle - to get a house on rent, to get darshan at a famous Ganpati mandali, to get a place to sit in the local train and even to get that much desired sense of belongingness and acceptance.
And then there are times when you are having a vada pao discussing cricket or Bollywood with a stranger next to you that you suddenly get that feeling...

...for years, I have been having such experiences. It is because of moments like this that I know that it is only here that I belong.

Mera dil Bombay ka to main bhi Bombay ka!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another reason why Chrome Sucks

u realise that chrome actually logs ur keystrokes and sends them back (hence the suggestions in the address bar)
u realise it is also capable, in that case, to log your other keystrokes

now hear this: google assigns a different ID to every copy of chrome! so it knows what EACH USER is surfing
plus it also knows which google IDs u log into. so it has EVEN MORE data about you apart from your search habits, ur email content, where u stay, what you like, people you know et al!

Chrome is introduced just because almost all firefox users use AdBlock Plus, which blocks ALL google ads... killing google's revenue

google doesn't give a damn about open source!

i have started disliking google lately! :x

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google Chrome Sucks

The more I try to give the browser a second (3rd, 4th, 5th...) chance, the
more it disappoints me. It feels like IE with a stupid (really stupid)
skin on it! :x

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I like to be here when I can

Rain is always better from your own balcony.

Perhaps, you understand the real meaning of some four-letter words only over time...

...home is one such word!


This city just doesn't wanna leave me... Abhi Internship bhi Mumbai mein :D

IE ga...

Now's the time... IE should save face and EXIT the browser market.
With Google Chorme, things may change a lot - it is Google after all. The browser is in a nascent stage and looks good and although it isn't close to the beauty of Firefox, you never now how things shape up.

But one thing is for sure - it will always, always, be Firefox vs. Chrome when it comes to browsers, if at all. IE will die a slow, painful death...

muhahahahahaha..... :D