Thursday, October 23, 2008

...hope he also regretted Mumbai's rape

At the risk of making this sound like a political blog, I would like to build on my post yesterday in which I appreciated MiD-DAY for having an opinion and taking a stand.

Today, MiD-DAY's front page headlines reads "Raat bhar ghar ki yaad aati rahi" with a cartoon showing the MNS leader lying on the floor of a cramped room.

The best part though was the opening lines of the article in some 30 point bold grey: "Raj Thackeray spent 19 hours in police custody yesterday, which means thoughts must've drifted home. This is an insider view on those hours. (We optimists hope he also regretted Mumbai's rape)"

Reported by Vinod Menon and Kranti Vibhute, this is what I call journalism with balls!

Update: A little later, the e-paper versions of this article had a more subtle tone. The Pune e-paper now says, "We wonder whether he also ruminated over the violence his arrest had unleashed in Mumbai"

I wonder whether someone suddenly felt the need to make the 'changes' upon receiving some serious CYA advice.

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  1. dude...donno wht to do wth mumbai nd india nd its gr8 nationalised hero politicos...whn wud they grow up...whn wud thy think on a straight path...donno the answer...donno whn wud all this start...donno whn wud all this end...