Friday, October 03, 2008

I had a nightmare today...

I log on to the internet and all 3 homepages I have set in फायरफॉक्स are in मराठी.
So basically, my facebook tells me, जैक्सन राजन नी तुम्हाला पोक केला आहे and my Yahoo inbox declares that I have ३ नवीन ई-मेल.

Perhaps that was not scary enough, so I get ready and move towards my car. It takes me a while to find it though, since it is freshly painted in orange, just like all the other cars in the society.
I also can't help noticing that my car radio plays only Marathi songs.

What really woke me up, however, was when I reached SP - I found my room locked; my books(!) and stuff lying in the hallway.
I see Jackson; he tells me that we were thrown out of the institute - SP was forced to admit 30% Marathi participants and they therefore had to strike all the DBTs off the list!

Reservations, linguistic differentiation and layoffs... such a perfect modern-day nightmare material for an 'open' category, non-Maharashtrian MBA student in Bombay*.

*Okay, Mumbai.

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  1. I have nightmares like this quite often. what frustrates the hell outta me is how idiots like them(no, I don't want to be polite or respectful to them) are allowed to carry on with such madness..

    As if there aren't enough issues that need to be worked on X(