Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No foreign hand in this one

As the events unfold and are brought to me each morning on a broadsheet, I am thoroughly convinced that India is a land of breakthrough innovation. While there are blasts happening all over the country - irrespective of the region's religious or linguistic representation - which at least shows that the IM, ISI or whoever look at India as an integrated mass, we have a brand new form of terrorism: the homegrown variety currently being marketed by the MNS.

It doesn't beat however, the Indian ability to manage the old-wine, new-bottle act with utmost perfection. Consider the case of our beloved MNS itself and you will see how it closely replicates the Shiv Sena act just a few years ago.


The recycle-and-innovate routine certainly deserves an "In Popular Culture" section for sure. I know you are thinking Karzzzzz so I will skip explanation! :)


Interning at a media company has its own set of undocumented perks. For one, you get to read newspapers at work. When you read all the dailies that the city gets to read, you realise that the only thing that diffrentiates one from another is the advertisements that they carry.

Indian journalists, I am sure, are a closely tied community. It is worth mentioning this here because that is the only way one can explain how legacy is passed on from the seniors to the just-joined-journalists.
I remember reading the newspapers when Bal was arrested. I bet I am not the only one who gets a sense of déjà vu when they read about Raj sahab today.

Ditto with cricket - Sachin looking high up in the air, bat raised every time he, you know... and those huge DOWN arrows every time the sensex crashes.

It works... Copy, paste... lagao!


Talking of identical coverage on the Raj Thackarey issue, I would like to mention a rare exception & commend MiD-DAY for their columns today. The tabloid, generally criticised for its masala content, had some real balls to take a stand and condemn the homegrown terrorist in print.

Sure I want my dailies to be neutral and present mere facts - I don't need the reporters' point of view on most news items, but I really appreciate that a newspaper has the guts to come out in the open and criticise acts which are simultaneously illegal, unconstitutional and inhuman.

Good job, MiD-DAY!

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