Thursday, November 06, 2008

Well done, USA!

I have always said that I hated the USA. Hate, perhaps, is too strong a word to use for the feeling, but I sure have a strong dislike for the country.

I looked at people here, who went to the US with the Indian version of American Dream - dollar salaries, nice house, better cars - as weak. People who took the easy way out.

Ditto for people who escaped to the UK, Australia, New Zealand...

I don't know how to react to the fact that there are people in America who have only seen the American map in school. Remove that continent from the world map and they would not be able to spot where America is. Because they do not know where the rest of the world is.

I always looked at Americans as a bunch of dumb people. With exceptions.

I hated George Bush. Hated the war. Hated the fact that Hate, for sure isn't too strong a word to describe what I feel for Dubya.

I believed that Bush was the epitome of American Dumbness - Dumb Dubya.

And I was sure America was a dumb nation because they voted him the President. Twice.

Toady, however, I see hope. And I see myself liking the country a little.

America, perhaps (one of?) the greatest example(s) of racism in today's world, has made a statement. That its time we start looking at people as people.

When a 'black', Muslim at birth (also very young at 47) is given what the media calls the most powerful job in the world, I see America performing its repsonsibility as the biggest superpower of our times and setting an example for the rest of the world.

Including India.


At a personal level, I am not a major Obama fan.
Quite honestly, I am still too pissed about Pratibha Patil being our President to really care about another nation - superpower or whatever.

But I am happy with the choice that America has made.
And that Bush is gone.


  1. hi mihir,
    thanks for ur kind words on my blog.please do visit when u have time.
    yeah,i too hated/had some kinda dislike towards americans.but being there for some time has changed all my impression about them.i dont mean to say that everything is good about them,every nation has good and bad people.but i am glad to say i met some really wonderful people there.i'd love to go back there,just to meet those people.

  2. no no, i didn't mean it that way. it is just a collective view. and i am sure it could well be biased, short-sighted, ill-informed, random and all.

    it's just that, somehow, i don't like the concept of america in my mind. that's it.

  3. dude tht was wht my view was of USA b4 enterin its 4 mnths they have changed it is so different bias in terms of bias in terms of bias in terms of is gr8 coz it has everythin and it adhers to the rules set in...but look at india...v have the rules...but who adhers to them...i m sure whn i cum to india...i wud not...the nation which has a gr8 law and order system wud always progress by leaps nd bounds....