Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Google rocks...

Google's yet another innovation - Google trends - allows you to compare the search volumes between multiple items.
So you can compare, say India & China and see how 'India' is searched more than 'China' during Indian elections or something.

I wasn't sure if it worked well until something crossed my mind... have a look at the screenshot below:

While we can see how Kareena is more popular vis-a-vis Riya,what's striking is how Kareena's graph has an insane spike in 2004 endand how Riya had been more popular for a relatively longer timein 2005.

And then the 'A-ha!' moment occurs... remember the MMS clips? ;)

And clearly, while Kareena's kiss did generate a momentary curiousity, it is only when Riya took it 'to the next level' that got people coming backwith utmost loyalty.

Now that's some TRENDSpotting, huh? Good job, Google!

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