Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Here a Patil, there a Patil

I like the new trend - the get elected, screw up, resign routine is what the netas of the country might like to try for a change.

Imagine, how cool it would be to have a new Home Minister every year... No jhagdaa, No jhol - everyone gets a chance to taste power and bang bucks in express mode! We may not have the most responsible leaders, but certainly the most innovative folks running the country.


On a different note, there is something we can do... what do you guys think about voting?


  1. i think the best thing to happen to the world is 'vote'. we can choose our own leaders. but what have v done over the years is chose the same old retards who is pushin the country back into the barbaric times. vote is important. but more important is to stand for one. thts wht i feel.

  2. true. but not all of us can choose to be politicians. the least we can do is look at the candidates contesting and choose the most appropriate one. too bad we don't do that as well!

  3. yeah...actually thts true...instead of blamin the asshole politicians...we shud b blamin ourselves...coz v r bigger asssholes coz v r chossin the same asssholes to represent us again nd again nd again...hope this time the ppl of india rises up nd take stock...change is needed...