Monday, January 26, 2009

Morts Sans Sépulture

It's been a year since I played Pandey... I had grown my hair for 2 months or more and was unshaven for some 45 days.

I am so goddamn nostalgic right now and I think its a good time to introduce you to GASP - the Guild of Actors at SP.

GASP was what 23 of us lived for 4 months... hours together, days together, each one of us, working on our lines, the sets, the sound, the props, the marketing bit - to build up the hype and all that goes into making a complete 2-hour play.

And we performed. To an auditorium packed with audience. With people sitting in the aisles.

GASP 2008 adopted Jean-Paul Sartre's "Men Without Shadows". We made our seniors proud. Their "Kamla" by Vijay Tendulkar was equally impressive.

And our juniors made us proud last week, when they gave life to Manjula Padmanabhan's "Harvest"
That is the source of all the nostalgia.

I really wish we could do it again. But GASP happens only once. And that's the beauty of it!

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