Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nirvana - home delivered.

Sudhirbhai, not known so much for his hostel laundry service as for his sense of humour, has been the source of inspiration for around a tenth of all the batch mails sent out at SP.

When managing the near-perfect supply chain of chaddis starts getting yawn worthy, Sudhirbhai shuffles them better than the best iPods can, always delivering shirts from Bhawani Tailors to Armani loyalists.

But since we all like change so much, Sudhirbhai also decided to do an Obama and invented a new tagging system - now all the tees have room numbers written on them, to ensure dabbawala type accuracy.

So the N, I, R and V of my dear friend Santhosh's Nirvana T-shirt now have his room number Reynoldsed on it for life. And for some reason, I like the new game better!

Sudhirbhai, we sure need original and creative geniuses like you, in a world dominated by the likes of Coldplay. Keep up the good work. Or as they say it, "Here we are now, entertain us!" :D

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