Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interviews at SPJIMR - gyaan and guidelines

I've got a few PMs, scraps and mails asking about interviews at SPJIMR.
Here are some broad tips that most of you know but only a few prepare for:

1. Take a lot of time to fill your form (the one that you're sent after getting the call). Also take a lot of time reflecting on both the forms you've submitted. A large part of your interview can be based on your forms.
Don't bluff in your forms... You will be caught during your interview for sure!

2. One thing that will be assessed for sure is your clarity of thought. Be very sure about why you took your decisions so far (education, job etc.) and about what you want to do in the future (why MBA, why SP Jain, specialisation, career focus - immediately after MBA and long-term)

3. Prepare a brief introduction about yourself. Make it crisp and rehearse it well. Also, make sure it has some points of differentiation and gives leads to the interviewer to take the interview further.

4. If you have work experience, know your work well! Details about the industry you are in, your organisation and your personal contribution at work.

5. If you are a fresh graduate, know at least your key subjects well. You may be asked to talk about your favourite subject.

6. Be well-versed with current affairs. That doesn't mean just knowing the news but also having an opinion on what is happening.

Finally, be genuine in your preparation. SPJIMR appreciates genuine and honest people and if you go to the interview with that attitude, it will show for sure :)

All the best!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What an Idea, Sirji?

I like the new Idea campaign - the one in which a minister takes popular opinion and makes decisions accordingly. It's a brilliant ad for sure. The concept, however, has a flaw - a flaw which arises out of the mindset which equates democracy to voting in all cases.

Democracy is not just by the people, it is also for the people.
As such, it is the responsibility of a democracy, not just to do what is popular, but what is lawfully correct.

The case in point is the Rent Act in Bombay - an Act which should've been abolished long back. No political party has the courage to get rid of the act as it means risking way too many votes.

So let's say AB junior were to send out an SMS in South Bombay asking whether the Rent Act should be done away with. Lakhs of tenants will respond in negative. Some 100 odd landlords, who legally own their houses will compete with little hope to get the property that's legally theirs.

But do we really need the 'Janta ne kaha naa to naa' in this case?
At least that's not democracy. For sure.

Delhi 6 - Post

It's not a very good movie.
But in bits an pieces, all throughout, it is brilliant cinema.

And don't worry, Mr. Mehra. It's ok to miss the target.
Bhagwaan ko sub kuchh allowed hai!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Recession Thoughts - Concluded

All the tweets I've made over the last few days in the Recession Thoughts series.

The context: Placements at one of the top-10 B-Schools in India.
The subject: Someone who is (has always been) dying to do FMCG sales.

Recession Thought #83: I hope I would've joined IRMA - I could've joined an NGO & people would've said "He's following his heart!" :D

Recession Thought #7: I told a Placom rep "FMCG dila de yaar!" - "Soap chaahiye?" I'm asked - inhe kaun bataye, khareedna nahin, bechna hai!

Recession Thought #21: I so wish I had been more attentive during those entrepreneurship lectures!

Recession Thought #94: Pan Parag is an FMCG

Recession Thought #27: Contacted the company I worked with as an engineer. Apparently, now I'm not qualified enough.

Recession Thought #41: Our placement cell is now looking for job opportunities abroad. By abroad, they mean Nepal, Burma and Bangladesh.

Recession Thought #48: I didn't join B-school for fat salaries. My focus has always been on learning.

Recession Thought #26: 6 lakhs ought to be enough for anyone!

Recession Thought #1: Lehman screwed us!

I think I've extracted all the juice I could. And now that I'm placed, I can't gather enough motivation anyway! ;)

So the Recession Thoughts series officially ends here. Hope that the recession ends too. And sometime soon.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Copy/Paste: Because Beer is Heavy!

Just couldn't help ROFLing at this one.

(Girls reading this, I'm sorry!) :P

Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Valentine for India

Well it's a marriage of Web 2.0 with a constitution written way back in 1950.

Here's a blog trying to encourage Gandhi style protests to raise voices against moral policing. Turns out, they are planning a peaceful protest on Feb 14th to begin with.

I only hope that Ram Sena activists don't pick up men and women from the group in equal numbers and marry them off!


My tweet regarding the Ram Sena issue a little earlier:

Ram Sena to marry off dating couples on Valentine's Day - - Agar ladki pati, then you're bound to be her pati.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rang de... Basanti?

I wonder why these right-wingers are referred to as the saffron brigade. For as far as I know, saffron represents sacrifice.


Copy/Paste: Indianness

'Indian culture' - as defined by the SRS, the RHS, the Bajrang Dal, the Shiv Sena and other saffronites - is also ill-equipped to withstand such onslaughts as young people sending each other Valentine cards. Or couples holding hands in parks. Or girls wearing 'un-Indian' clothes, like jeans or skirts.

Indian culture - if so amorphous and all-encompassing a way of life can be given a single tag - has often been called 'tolerationism': tolerance of difference has always been the essence of what we call Indianness.



The above are extracts from the editorial opinion in TOI today. The most fitting piece I have read with reference to the interference of the right-wing activists in recent times.