Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interviews at SPJIMR - gyaan and guidelines

I've got a few PMs, scraps and mails asking about interviews at SPJIMR.
Here are some broad tips that most of you know but only a few prepare for:

1. Take a lot of time to fill your form (the one that you're sent after getting the call). Also take a lot of time reflecting on both the forms you've submitted. A large part of your interview can be based on your forms.
Don't bluff in your forms... You will be caught during your interview for sure!

2. One thing that will be assessed for sure is your clarity of thought. Be very sure about why you took your decisions so far (education, job etc.) and about what you want to do in the future (why MBA, why SP Jain, specialisation, career focus - immediately after MBA and long-term)

3. Prepare a brief introduction about yourself. Make it crisp and rehearse it well. Also, make sure it has some points of differentiation and gives leads to the interviewer to take the interview further.

4. If you have work experience, know your work well! Details about the industry you are in, your organisation and your personal contribution at work.

5. If you are a fresh graduate, know at least your key subjects well. You may be asked to talk about your favourite subject.

6. Be well-versed with current affairs. That doesn't mean just knowing the news but also having an opinion on what is happening.

Finally, be genuine in your preparation. SPJIMR appreciates genuine and honest people and if you go to the interview with that attitude, it will show for sure :)

All the best!

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