Saturday, February 21, 2009

Recession Thoughts - Concluded

All the tweets I've made over the last few days in the Recession Thoughts series.

The context: Placements at one of the top-10 B-Schools in India.
The subject: Someone who is (has always been) dying to do FMCG sales.

Recession Thought #83: I hope I would've joined IRMA - I could've joined an NGO & people would've said "He's following his heart!" :D

Recession Thought #7: I told a Placom rep "FMCG dila de yaar!" - "Soap chaahiye?" I'm asked - inhe kaun bataye, khareedna nahin, bechna hai!

Recession Thought #21: I so wish I had been more attentive during those entrepreneurship lectures!

Recession Thought #94: Pan Parag is an FMCG

Recession Thought #27: Contacted the company I worked with as an engineer. Apparently, now I'm not qualified enough.

Recession Thought #41: Our placement cell is now looking for job opportunities abroad. By abroad, they mean Nepal, Burma and Bangladesh.

Recession Thought #48: I didn't join B-school for fat salaries. My focus has always been on learning.

Recession Thought #26: 6 lakhs ought to be enough for anyone!

Recession Thought #1: Lehman screwed us!

I think I've extracted all the juice I could. And now that I'm placed, I can't gather enough motivation anyway! ;)

So the Recession Thoughts series officially ends here. Hope that the recession ends too. And sometime soon.

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