Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Valentine for India

Well it's a marriage of Web 2.0 with a constitution written way back in 1950.

Here's a blog trying to encourage Gandhi style protests to raise voices against moral policing. Turns out, they are planning a peaceful protest on Feb 14th to begin with.

I only hope that Ram Sena activists don't pick up men and women from the group in equal numbers and marry them off!


My tweet regarding the Ram Sena issue a little earlier:

Ram Sena to marry off dating couples on Valentine's Day - - Agar ladki pati, then you're bound to be her pati.


  1. dude.. i told u to delete that feed yar.. please edit it or remove it..

  2. @Anonymous: Dude, sorry, I did not get who you are or which feed you're talking about??! :@