Sunday, February 22, 2009

What an Idea, Sirji?

I like the new Idea campaign - the one in which a minister takes popular opinion and makes decisions accordingly. It's a brilliant ad for sure. The concept, however, has a flaw - a flaw which arises out of the mindset which equates democracy to voting in all cases.

Democracy is not just by the people, it is also for the people.
As such, it is the responsibility of a democracy, not just to do what is popular, but what is lawfully correct.

The case in point is the Rent Act in Bombay - an Act which should've been abolished long back. No political party has the courage to get rid of the act as it means risking way too many votes.

So let's say AB junior were to send out an SMS in South Bombay asking whether the Rent Act should be done away with. Lakhs of tenants will respond in negative. Some 100 odd landlords, who legally own their houses will compete with little hope to get the property that's legally theirs.

But do we really need the 'Janta ne kaha naa to naa' in this case?
At least that's not democracy. For sure.


  1. Totally agree. We see an idealistic politician in the ad. We do not see idealistic politicians in real life. If this system were real, there would be more vote bank politics. Growth would be determined more by the mouldable masses, who are very much influenced by the petty things politicians care to exploit - land, regionalism, religion, caste, etc.

    This is certainly not good democracy Sir Jee!

  2. i gotta c the ad...but its interesting...

  3. Nice campaign by Idea except for tht its merely in media, Idea has not taken it from a CSR angle. I really liked the case mentioned in your post and totally agree with you that majority does not always necessitate the right thing!

  4. Well my problem isn't really with the ad really... it doesn't show anything new anyway.

    That's the reason why the Rent Act is still around in Bombay. Also why slums that have come up before 1995 are official (or is it 2000?).