Monday, March 23, 2009

27 percent for this?!

Sigh! All these years of reservations and they still can't tell the difference between a comma and an apostrophe. Hmmm...

Update: I forgot pointing out that it is a Zonal 'Offfice'. And why they need an All India OBC Railway Employees' association is a completely different question altogether!


  1. Dude ... this has nothing to do with reservations ... for all you know this might have been done by someone not belonging to OBC.

    I am not pro reservation, but this is a remark not placed in the right context

  2. Roshan... nothing against anyone from the OBC here either. And I completely agree with all you say.

    This was just a twisted thought that occured to me when I first saw it. My way of conveying my stance on the issue.

    Not to be taken literally :)

  3. it is the OBC's who put that up there when they couldve asked for a correction, so they are the final callers on this one. and nice sarcasm i must say, bought a smile to my face

  4. y cant they b more careful while putting up something like this. They themselves giving chance 2 ppl to point out.....

  5. just sharing a joke with you guys....

    Indian PM: We are sending Indians to the moon next year! US President: Wow! How many? Indian PM: 7 OBC, 5 SC, 8 ST, 3 Handicapped, 2 Sports Persons, 3 Terrorist Affected, 3 Kashmiri Migrants, 2 MPs & 1 Astronaut.

  6. :) lol... I can imagine the look on the US President's face.

    The rest of us, I'm sure wouldn't be too surprised! :P

  7. Dont bother, this is india.. anything can happen.