Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shikha and Sanjay #2

[Sanjay is tossing and turning in bed. Shikha is working on her laptop computer and the noise from her keyboard is too loud for him to sleep]

Can’t you do that tomorrow, Shikh? I’ve got a meeting at 8 tomorrow. I’ll be late if I don’t sleep on time!

You’re gonna be late anyway. Besides, I’m filing my returns. Doing my accounts.
[Teasingly] I bet you never tally your accounts.

Well, I’m more of an asset, actually.

Ya, right. So basically you will be written off over the years.

[Turns around. Covers ears with a pillow]
[A minute later, from behind the pillow]

I guess you are capital, then. That explains why you are growing all the time!

Credit to Hirachna, once again, for creative inputs.

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