Monday, March 02, 2009

So Sorry, Mr. Mihir Modi!

I just checked my hotmail account and was surprised to see a series of mails from people I don't know. Turns out some 9th graders from a school are planning a farewell over email and have mistakenly included my id in the list!

My immediate reaction was to write back to those guys about it, but as I was writing back, I thought it would be a lot of fun messing with those guys for a while :D

As I tweeted about how '
I'm damaging some other mihir modi's reputation bigtime', @hthite requested if he could see a sample. Sure!

The Mail:
From: Neha
To: Shruti; Amit; Mihir Modi (the correct address); Mihir Modi (my address)
Subject: business slogan
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 18:19:59 +0530

if you'll are using the slogan for anything, you'll should all stick to the same one -

Yeh Lemon Chaska NATKHATAS
Pikar bhujao pyaas

i think the natkhatas should be in caps, cause its the main word in our ad.
and im sorry it sucks. if you can think of anything better, then please tell us!

My reply:
RE: business slogan‏
From: Mihir Modi (*******
Sent: 02 March 2009 01:40AM
To: Neha; Shruti; Amit

Neha, that is by far the dumbest slogan I have ever heard of in my life.
You were right, it sucks!

(Names changed, of course!)

There are some more threads where I've just started causing some damage, but considering that today is a Monday and these folks will see each other in school, I see the fun ending soon! :P


  1. I don't exactly remember when I started using email. Should've been somewhere around 9th grade, yes.


    I still have old emails. And boy, how did I write!

  2. Gireesh Subramaniam(girsubra)2:03 PM, March 02, 2009

    dude,you should have gone ahead and proposed to one of the girls in the chain.It would have been lot more intersting.
    damn..forget wrong mails.I dont even get supposed "right" mails nowadays :I