Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sudden, Subtle, Slight...

Varun has already left for Neha's town,
Yudi is leaving for another town,
Krishna is out of town.

Kundu is caught up 6 days a week,
Sam & Utsav make the most out of their weekends.
Api is too busy to return my calls, even on weekends.

It's been almost a year that Dharmesh has gone abroad,
It's been more than a year that JD has gone abroad.
Hirachna will go from Bombay to Paris to Pune soon,
Dipti will go to Netherlands - she'll be back soon though.

Bhu is getting engaged today,
Krupa and Deepan will get engaged sometime soon;
Zaara and Zeyd will probably have a baby sometime soon.

The rest of you, may still be here for a while.
Things may still be the same for a while.
Or may not.

All those who have left home to live another life, I join the club.
I'll be in Bangalore in a week now.
And I don't know where I'm gonna be in another.

With a week to go, now there is a sudden, subtle, slight sense of discomfort.
Life, it's changing real quick.

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