Wednesday, June 03, 2009

To the North-East

For years, I wanted to go to the North-Eastern states and the east-most I had ever been so far was Agra (ya, I know that's not East, I'm talking in terms of the longitude)

So, this trip had to happen! Just back from a 12-day trip to the North-East:

Flew into Calcutta on May 21st, then headed for Pelling in Sikkim, later going to Gangtok, Shillong, Cherrapunjee, Bomdilla, Kaziranga National Park and finally flew back to Bombay from Gauwhati on June 2nd!

It was quite a trip, I must say. Apart from clicking some of my best pictures so far (will keep posting them on pykih), I also had some crazy experiences:
  • Got stuck due to a landslide on my way back from Sikkim. Had to hitchhike my way ahead. Was very very lucky to get a lift (doesn't happen there!)
  • Saw the most beautiful girl in Gangtok. Fell in love with her... for a few minutes ;)
  • Fought with some people on a bus in Cherrapunjee and got off. Later hung on the ladder behind a packed Tata Sumo to chase the bus and get my camera pouch that I'd left behind.
  • Camped in a tent at Cherrapunjee... awesome!
  • Our shared Sumo collided head-on with another enroute Bomdilla on the single-laned ghats in Arunachal. The car suffered major damage but thankfully I lived to write this post!
  • A Rhino toppled a Maruti Gypsy at Kaziranga National Park while we were there... saw a vintage Land Rover toe it out of the ditch it had landed into.
  • Reached Gauwhati airport at 11.30PM for a 7AM flight the next day. There wasn't a single soul at the airport... not even a security guard. Slept off at an unguarded SBI ATM on the airport!
Guess there are many more stories, but these would be the most interesting ones.

BTW, I'd really recommend a similar trip. Expense, other than air-fare, was around Rs. 12 to 14 thousand. Let me know in case you need travel plans and recommendations.


Summing up my travel since mid-2008:
Ladakh, Goa, Lakshadweep and now this! It's been a good year, I guess :)


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  3. @Ritvij:
    Did you mean 'fly' over it? :P
    Well I did corss it. I took a train from Kolkata to New Jalpaigiri (right next to Siliguri), so I believe I was asleep when I crossed it. Didn't think of it having that much of a significance, else would've woken up to experience it :)

    On my way back, I took a flight from Gauwhati :)

  4. Man man man .. experiencing NE is one thing .. but fighting on a bus, getting stuck in a landslide, being involved in an accident in those ghats .. spending a night all alone at that airport ... I'd consider that an overdose of adventure!!!

  5. @Kiran:
    Lol, yes... the joys of backpacking :)

  6. Wht surprised me the most was the airport... imagine you survived all the landslides, collisions, fights n rhinos and get mugged at the airport! hmmmm....but glad u could make it back in one 'piece'!

  7. Mimooo... man.. i shud meet you at Mumbai.. sud hear it again from u.. as they say "from the horse's mouth itself" :D....

  8. @Hirachna:
    Glad you're glad! I wonder what makes me feel otherwise though :P

    Yes, of course! :)
    Coming to SP next week... hope to catch u then