Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Tricks

"You have changed so much!", she said

"Seven years is a long time, when you are 17 or 24," he said, "but you look the same!"

"I know how to freeze time. It's my little trick." she said, with a wink

"Why didn't you use it when I was leaving then?"

"I learnt it while you were away... I had to find other things that would interest me, you know!"

"Oh! Did you learn other tricks as well then?", he asked her

"One more..."

"So? Gonna use it some time soon?"

"Well, I already did!"


"Ya, what do you think brought you back here?"

He laughed. Then he moved his hand on the railing and slid it over hers.
"Well, use the first one now!"

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  1. Nice! Short and sweet; yet packs in a story!