Friday, August 21, 2009

Candle-lit Dinners and Cancer

Finally we know why every now and then, someone in the romantic movies keeps dying of cancer. Or at least that's what this story in TOI suggests.

Now only if we could get those experts to invest their time and efforts in finding a cure to cancer instead...

In other news, popcorn keeps cancer away.
Now that makes it easy... on your next date, go to the movies, skip the dinner!


  1. LOL.. I think we inhale a lots more dust and pollutants on our roads..!!

  2. Heh! Why not .. go to the movies; eat popcorn; skip the dinner .. and hey dont you remember those surveys about beer being good for the heart? So - ya .. popcorn and beer might make a good life-saving; heart-purifying combination.

    Just make sure u are not watching RGV ki Aag .. it'l defeat the whole purpose of trying not to kill yourself :P

  3. @ruSh.Me: Yes. But who would want read THAT in TOI :P

    @Kiran: LOL you said it! :D