Thursday, September 10, 2009

The "High IQ / Low IQ" Theory

My friend, Aniruddha Kundu, developed this theory during our S P Jain days which made it very easy to discuss our opinion on things. It goes like this:

Everything can be classified as either "Low IQ" or "High IQ"

The thought and it's application go much deeper than what it literally suggests. Think of it as a communication tool.

For example, you can say "Facebook quizzes are so Low IQ"
Now that's using it literally.

But say some guy in your group is a major Linkin' Park fan. Now how can the rest of you tell him that it's not cool? Will you argue over how the music isn't right? Or the lyrics? Or the sound?
'cause all of that will lead to a complex debate.

That's when "LP is very Low IQ" comes handy.

Know how two people mutually agree on something but cannot find the right words to describe that mutual opinion? Well, here's the solution!

And yes, you're welcome! :P


  1. that theory is so low IQ :p

  2. I second Ajay above :D
    But seriously - this is a gem. It simplifies the painful process of "debating" - just what every lazybone worth his salt is looking for (myself included) :)

  3. With the inclusion of this theory, your blog has become very High IQ!!!