Friday, October 09, 2009

Copy/Paste: Graduation - In a lighter vein!

Life's good these days. Very good, actually. But still, at times, something keeps taking me back to my two years at S P Jain. Today is one such day.

Shilpa Kendre, my batchmate from SPJIMR, is one of my favourite writers. There's amazing simplicity in her writing. And here's an excerpt from the piece she wrote the month we left, about 'The End' of two years at S P Jain:

At the end of two years I have come to realize that I am only professionally and socially more acceptable. I feel I belong to a fraternity. I have a few friends who are much more than just that. I have a couple of memories and also a couple of bad grades. I have a few impressions and a few opinions much of which are of no use. I have seen the tip of the iceberg called the ‘real world’. I have the ability to confuse if not convince others. I am a jackass of all and a master of none. I have a whole bunch of business cards that I can use no more. I have too many contacts in my phone. I have an extra email-id to keep checking, an extra password to remember, a few more groups to join on social networking sites, more passwords to remember, GBs full of digital waste on my laptop, a waistline to match with the ‘broader perspective’ that I earned after coming here, a few timestamps that would be remembered and celebrated for a few years before the enthusiasm dies out, a few more tee shirts to add to the wardrobe, and last but not the least 30 kilos of untouched wisdom in hardcover!

Beautifully written, isn't it?

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