Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Documents for Breakfast

Happy Republic Day.

Most Indians have a day off today. I went to office though. Correction: I returned from office today. At a time when I'd reach office on a normal day.

23 hours, copy-pasting numbers and formulae. That's what I do these days...
Spreadsheets and slideshows fill my days. And nights. Is this life? I mean, I love marketing for sure. A brand is like your baby and I sure can be a good father. Just not the kind of father who likes writing too much about his kid.

I struggle to use all the reserve energy in getting a ride back home. But eventually, I have to get down. And walk through that lane where the auto cannot enter. I pay him three five-rupee coins. The auto driver gets his bohni. I get on my feet and walk into a one-way street. In the opposite direction.

Somehow, I reach home. the guest house. It's a tough choice between waiting for a cup of tea and submitting myself to sleep. But then, I see my colleagues, fathers of other children, who stayed up for much of the night themselves. And they're just through a third, or less, of all that I just completed. The reports are due on Wednesday morning.

"Happy Republic Day", I wish them, with a grin almost as wide as the one I had the day I landed this job. It is always good to know that you're not the only one suffering.

Happiness is relative.