Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Documents for Breakfast

Happy Republic Day.

Most Indians have a day off today. I went to office though. Correction: I returned from office today. At a time when I'd reach office on a normal day.

23 hours, copy-pasting numbers and formulae. That's what I do these days...
Spreadsheets and slideshows fill my days. And nights. Is this life? I mean, I love marketing for sure. A brand is like your baby and I sure can be a good father. Just not the kind of father who likes writing too much about his kid.

I struggle to use all the reserve energy in getting a ride back home. But eventually, I have to get down. And walk through that lane where the auto cannot enter. I pay him three five-rupee coins. The auto driver gets his bohni. I get on my feet and walk into a one-way street. In the opposite direction.

Somehow, I reach home. the guest house. It's a tough choice between waiting for a cup of tea and submitting myself to sleep. But then, I see my colleagues, fathers of other children, who stayed up for much of the night themselves. And they're just through a third, or less, of all that I just completed. The reports are due on Wednesday morning.

"Happy Republic Day", I wish them, with a grin almost as wide as the one I had the day I landed this job. It is always good to know that you're not the only one suffering.

Happiness is relative.


  1. Happiness, like everything other thing, IS relative. Once you get that, life is smooth sailing :)

  2. Thus spake the wise Chandani :P
    Keep gyaaning around more often here!

  3. And misery loves company.
    Note: The sentence begins with an "And" which hopefully makes it more emphatic.

  4. @Ramya:
    Very true.
    And it does, it so does :D