Sunday, July 04, 2010

Whose Bandh is it anyway?

Isn't it funny? The same party that couldn't check the rising prices of onion back in '98 is now complaining about the already increase in highly subsidised fuel rates.

This TOI update on tomorrow's proposed bandh across the country, quotes L K Advani saying,
"This may be the first time in history of India's politics that almost all political parties will participate in the Bharat Bandh"
Further, he 'gives credit to NDA Convenor and JD(U) President Sharad Yadav for bringing together even the non-NDA political parties for the one-day strike.'

I can not find a better example of national integration - All the parties of the opposition coming together to decide that the rest of us should not go to work this Monday.

And while TOI reports protest against the hike in fuel prices as the reason for this one-day strike, I saw some Shiv Sena banners fine-tuning the same to their own audience by cribbing about the rising vegetable prices.

Whatever be their motivation, the aam aadmi has no option but to stay home for the day. And since that means having a long weekend, I don't think we have a problem with that really, what say?


  1. "I cannot find a better example of national integration" - Ha! Well-said.

    What is sad is that lot of people for whom the bandh is organised ostensibly, lose out a lot because of it - especially the poor daily wage worker or auto-walla and the likes.

  2. I still prefer the bandhs in Bengal - opposition sponsored bandhs mean that public transport will run, and there's still some chance that normalcy will exist. State sponsored bandhs mean that everything, and I mean everything, will stop. They even force people to get off their cycles and walk, holding the cycle by your arm.

    On second thoughts, I don't mind the bandh so long as they clearly declare it, and I can sleep to glory without bothering to wake up to check the status in the morning.

  3. well I never understood wht these bandhs achieve except for keeping loads of people from not working. Its just sad..

  4. When Nitish Kumar in Bihar declared a bandh few days back against price rise, Lalu reacted saying, his idea was stolen by ruling party. I had to ask myself “WHOSE BANDH IS IT ANYWAY”. Is it the bandh of the ruling party, the opposition, or the growth of the nation? Whose bandh is it anyway? I am still in a quandary about this question which has remained answerless till now.

  5. bandh is a passion of politician and problem for civilians.