Sunday, October 17, 2010

Assorted tweets

So, 6 posts in 2010 so far against 84 in the whole of '10... Somehow, blogging has taken a backseat. For now, at least. Might as well share what I twate over the last few days:

Corollary: Pedophiles love nursery rhymes. RT @: Every girl is a poem.
I don't get South Indian slang well... Does 'Kal Madi' mean 'do it tomorrow'?
We men made a huge mistake by sporting bare chests all the time. If we had not, there would've been a huge premium attached to men's chests!
I pay @ 30 bucks a month so that my callers can hear "Is caller tune ko copy karne ke liye pehle star dabaiye phir 9 dabaiye"
Did you hear about the English professor who was against verb? He was pro-noun though!
Why do they call it DoubleU? Shouldn't it be DoubleV?
Notice how much MNS sounds like 'Am An Ass'