Friday, January 14, 2011

Bombay and Mumbai: A Tale of Two Cities

Bombay promises, dreams come true;
Mumbai claims its first right to dream.

Bombay makes room for thousands who come in each day;
Mumbai asks them where they've come from.

Bombay is into businesses;
Mumbai never lets anyone mind their own.

Bombay makes movies;
Mumbai makes movies call Bombay, Mumbai.

Bombay is full of colour;
Mumbai is saffron.

Bombay never sleeps;
Mumbai gives you sleepless nights.


  1. Beautifully put Mihir. Really captured the difference between the two "cities". I'm sharing this.

  2. i dont mean to critic for the sake of it but its a very generalized and a superficial point of view you've presented, i myself call it bombay thats because it was that the day i was born, these lines wouldnt make too much sense to ppl who actually call bombay as mumbai(the official name) and do all the things 'bombayittes' do.

    my 3 year old american niece calls it mumbai, ofcourse with the accent, not like they pronounce 'bombay' like we would.

    PS: piece of poetry advice, always have a start, body and end, the end being the most important.

  3. @nichkil:
    You have a point. But to be fair, I think the poem is not referring to people who actually call the city Bombay or Mumbai. It is referring to what they want to call it in their hearts; and in any case the whole point is about the use of brute force for certain people getting their way.

  4. well said.....want u to add some more lines !!!!

  5. Nice one - Captures the difference between Mumbai and Bombay.

  6. It could probably just be nostalgia; but I would live in Bombay.